General Terms & Conditions

Valid from December 19, 2019



Introductory provisions and definitions

Nordic Partnerships AB, corporate registration number 556827-3683, provides websites, web-based services and mobile applications for job advertisements under the JobAds brand, including all domains
These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of these services.


The following definitions apply to these General terms and conditions:

“General Terms” refers to these General Terms and Conditions.

“Advertiser” refers to the trader who has entered into an agreement with JobAds about publishing a job advertisement

“User” refers to the Advertiser, the Candidate or anyone else who uses the JobAds’s advertising channels and is therefore bound by these General Terms and Conditions.

The “candidate” refers to an individual who uses JobAds  advertising channels for the purpose of seeking employment.

“Place Ad” refers to a place ad that the Advertiser wishes to publish on JobAds  advertising channels and with JobAds’s partners, where applicable, including the information provided to Jobads in connection with its publication.

“JobAds account” refers to JobAds login system.

“JobAds advertising channels” refers to the websites, web-based services and platforms for job advertisements that Jobads partners with.



General information about JobAds advertising channels

JobAds advertising channels is in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

JobAds gives the User the right to access and use the JobAds’s advertising channels in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. In particular, the user undertakes not to: transmit, publish, distribute or store material that violates applicable personal data legislation or that violates JobAds Personal Data Policy;

collect, copy, sell, reproduce, distribute or in any way use content on JobAds advertising channels, except as permitted by these General Terms and Conditions;

use data mining, robots or similar data collection methods;

make available information available on JobAds advertising channels on other advertising platforms, external advertising exchanges, data collection platforms or other commercial platforms;

take any action that results in unreasonable or disproportionately high load on JobAds advertising channels infrastructure; or violate or attempt to violate JobAds advertising channels security arrangements, including attempts to penetrate, scan or test the vulnerability of JobAds advertising channels system or network.


The content of JobAds  advertising channels, such as design, text, illustrations, images, films, information, logos, software, audio files and other content is protected by copyright, trademark protection and other applicable intellectual property rules. All such content belongs to Jobadsads costumers, JobAds affiliates or other Users. Unauthorized use of such content may constitute copyright infringement, which should be considered a violation of these General Terms and Conditions.

JobAds reserves the right to make changes to the design of JobAds’s advertising channels without prior notice.



Personal data and marketing

JobAds processes personal information about the User in connection with the provision of JobAds  advertising channels. Such personal data may be supplemented by available information from our partners and other third parties. Processing of personal data takes place in accordance with JobAds Personal Data Policy. Users to carefully read the Privacy Policy.


The User agrees that JobAds can contact the User with a view to promoting the Advertiser, Placement Advertisement, and JobAds or other products and services. Such marketing may be done by email, in social media, by telephone or otherwise in accordance with JobAds  Personal Data Policy.



Advertiser rules

Publishing of Place Ads

If the Advertiser wishes to publish a job advertisement on JobAds  advertising channels, this must be provided to Jobads in the manner specified on JobAds  advertising channels.

All job listings are reviewed before publishing. In the event that the Place Ad fails the review, the Advertiser will be given the opportunity to adjust the ad for a new review. In the event that a job advertisement fails the review, no fee will be refunded.

Once the Place Ad has been published, the Advertiser will receive an order confirmation via email.

A job ad must, where applicable, comply with the following rules:

The job advertisement must not contravene Swedish Constitution, ICC’s Rules for Advertising and Market Communication or other applicable rules or regulations.

The job ad may not cause annoyance, e.g. in that the Place Ad contains elements of heat against people, pornography or violence.

The job ad may only refer to an offer of employment with an employer. In some cases, the Jobads may grant exceptions to this rule.

The job ad may only refer to an offer of employment with a trader in his business activity and thus must not refer to an employment or assignment of a private person who is of a private nature.

The job ad may only refer to one type of position. However, the job ad may refer to several jobs, provided that they relate to the same position.

The position referred to in the Place Ad must be possible to apply based on the information contained in the Place Ad.

The job ad must specify a placement location and it must match the location where the work is to be performed. A placement ad may only refer to one placement site.

External links to anyone other than the Advertiser or the relevant employer are not allowed in the Placement Ad.

The content of the Placement Ad must not infringe another’s copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.


The job ad must meet the technical and editorial requirements set by the JobAds from time to time.

The JobAds may refrain from publishing a Place Ad and has the right to immediately, without prior notice to the Advertiser, remove or modify a published Place Ad if the JobAds considers the Place Ad violates these General Terms and Conditions. So, for example, occur if the JobAds has reason to suspect that:

The employer conducts activities that mean that the employees can be expected to contribute to a law violation or other activity which Jobads considers to be unreasonable or that could be perceived as offensive.

The employer applies unfair terms of employment.

The purpose of the advertisement is to induce the applicant to pay for his / her education, tests or similar to be considered for the position.

The employer will not fulfill his obligations to the employee.

The job ad contains incorrect, incorrect or misleading information or is otherwise improper.

The employment is of such a nature that it can generally be perceived as offensive or that otherwise there are such circumstances that it appears inappropriate to participate in the job advertisement.

The Jobads reserves the right to change the content of the Job Ad if it considers that it improves the quality of the Job Ad.

The modification or removal of a Placement Ad in accordance with clause 4.1.6 does not mean that the Advertiser has the right to be reimbursed fees, or parts thereof.


By providing a Place Ad to the JobAds, the Advertiser grants a free, perpetual and non-exclusive right for the JobAds to use, process and distribute the Place Ad and parts of the Place Ad, e.g. through the production of copies, making available to the public on JobAds  advertising channels and in other advertising channels held by companies within Schibsted and other partners and in marketing of Jobads. The Jobads has the right to re-license and assign this right to another.

An advertised job advertisement is published even on the last application day chosen by the advertiser, but no more than 60 days. The Advertiser wishes to renew a Placement Ad, i.e. extend the time of its publication or reactivate a deleted Place Ad, this is considered a new Place Ad and incur additional fees.

Fees and payment terms

For the posting of a job advertisement, the JobAds charges the fee specified in the order form. The fee is also stated in the order confirmation. All fees are stated in Swedish kronor excluding VAT.

The Job Jobads for Place Ads is paid either by card in connection with the Place Ad being ordered or by invoice. The Jobads can only offer payment against invoice to Advertisers with Swedish organization number and approved credit check. The Jobads sends invoice upon receipt of order. The invoice must be paid within 14 days from the invoice date.

Jobadsb always reserves the right to demand that payment be made by card or otherwise, Jobadsb is available before publication of the job advertisement.

At the Advertiser’s delay in payment, the JobAds is entitled to:

receive late payment interest according to law;

charge reminder fee;

cancel or limit the publication of the Advertiser’s Place Ads in whole or in part; and

deny publication of new job listings.


Advertiser Responsibilities and Obligations

The advertiser must process information from JobAds  advertising channels in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. The Advertiser shall take the necessary physical, technical and administrative measures to protect the information obtained or obtained from JobAds  advertising channelen against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification or use in violation of these General Terms and Conditions. The Advertiser undertakes to ensure that any information that the Advertiser has regarding a particular Candidate is immediately deleted when these are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were obtained or if the Candidate or JobAds so requests.

The Advertiser may not, through automated or manual handling, including the use of cookies, collect personal information about Candidates with a view to advertising against these Candidates in the future or categorizing or segmenting the Candidates for a purpose other than the specific employment purpose that triggered the Job Advertisement.

The advertiser may only contact a Candidate if the Candidate has consented to such contact (for example, by responding to a job advertisement). Contact with the Candidate shall be made in the manner specified on JobAds  advertising channels and only in relation to the relevant job advertisement.

The Advertiser shall indemnify Jobads for direct and indirect damages suffered by Jobads and its representatives as a result of a Place Ad not complying with the requirements of these General Terms or because the Advertiser otherwise violates these General Terms and Conditions. JobAds  right to compensation also includes agent costs associated with bringing JobAds or its representatives in case of any compensation claim. The right to compensation also applies when the Jobads has reviewed a job advertisement before publishing without raising any objection to it.



Unless otherwise expressly stated below, Jobadsb is not responsible for the fact that information in the material posted on JobAds advertising channels is correct, relevant or complete.

Jobads has no obligation to take any action against a User or in relation to any content on JobAds advertising channels that violates these General Terms and Conditions.

Jobads does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to JobAds advertising channels. The operation of JobAds advertising channels may be disturbed by a number of factors beyond JobAd’s control, and Jobads does not make any guarantees regarding the function or availability of JobAds advertising channels. Jobads cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the User due to such interruptions, problems or errors.

If a Job Ad is not published in accordance with these General Terms or is otherwise subject to error and this is due to JobAd’s, JobAd’s liability for this towards the Advertiser is in any case limited to the full or partial reduction of the fee for the Place Ad or, if JobAd’s Ad considers it more appropriately, extend the publishing time. JobAd’s liability in this regard is in all cases limited to direct damages and shall not include indirect damages, such as loss of profits, loss of data and the Advertiser’s liability to third parties.


A candidate can, via JobAds advertising channels, state their areas of interest and request that Jobads via e-mail provide links to relevant job postings. Jobads does its best to ensure that the Candidate receives all relevant links but takes no responsibility for that happening.

A Candidate can submit their application to Advertisers via JobAds advertising channels. Jobads does its best to ensure that the application is communicated correctly but takes no responsibility for that happening.

Jobads assumes no responsibility for the result or outcome of the Advertiser’s publication of Job Ads or the Candidate’s applications in relation to a Job Advertiser. The Advertiser is solely responsible for published Place Ads. Jobads cannot be held responsible for hiring decisions, regardless of the reasons, taken by the Advertiser or another.


The advertiser understands and accepts that the number of visitors to JobAds advertising channels varies from time to time. Jobads can never guarantee a certain number of visitors to JobAds advertising channels and bear no responsibility for such variation.

Claims for compensation must, in order to be asserted, be directed to Jobads within three months from the date on which the User received or should have become aware of the fact on which the claim is based.

The User cannot make any other sanctions against Jobads other than as stated in these General Terms and Conditions.




Other conditions

Force majeure

Jobads has no liability or other liability if Jobads can show that fault or damage is due to circumstances beyond JobAds control which Jobads could not reasonably be expected to have anticipated when the agreement was reached and the consequences Jobads could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.



The Advertiser and the Candidate, respectively, do not have the right, without the written consent of Jobads, to assign or pledge in whole or in part their rights and obligations in accordance with the agreement with Jobads concerning JobAds advertising channels.

Jobads has the right, without the User’s consent, to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations to another company wholly or partly, directly or indirectly owned by Nordic Partnerships or to a third party in connection with an infringement or business transfer which includes Jobads platform, website, channels and partners.



Messages to the User must be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address associated with the User’s account. If the User does not have a account or no e-mail address is specified for the Schibsted account, messages will be sent to the User at such other e-mail address as the User has provided to Jobads. Notices to Jobads must be sent by e-mail to


Changes in JobAds’s advertising channels

Jobads can decide at any time and without prior information to terminate JobAds  advertising channels or replace JobAds advertising channels with other services. In such a case, the JobAds reserves the right to terminate the User’s access to the JobAds’s advertising channels, which will occur after the User has been informed of this, e.g. by notifying the User’s email address. In such cases, any compensation paid in advance for advertising will be refunded.


Changes and additions

Jobads has the right to change these General Terms and Conditions and will then publish the amended General Terms and Conditions on JobAds  advertising channels. The new terms and conditions will apply to new Users from the date they are published on JobAds advertising channels. Already existing Users will be bound by the new terms 30 days after the earlier of the day for notification to the User via e-mail and publication on JobAds  advertising channels.


Applicable law and dispute resolution

These General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law without regard to its choice of law principles. Disputes arising from the agreement shall be settled at the Swedish General Court with Stockholm District Court as the first instance.