Advertising Rules

Valid from January 8, 2020

Here is a summary of the rules that apply to advertising on JobAds. For a complete account of the terms and conditions applicable to advertising on the Jobads, we recommend you read our General Terms and Conditions for advertising, which are available here.

About the Advertiser

Anyone who wants to advertise on JobAds must conduct professional activities, for example through a company or association. Individuals are not allowed to advertise on the Jobads.



The advertisement must contain an offer of employment with a legal person, in his professional activity and must not apply to an employment or assignment of a private nature with a private person.


The service covered by the advertisement should be possible to search based on the information contained in the advertisement.


The advertisement must be written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or English.


Offer Location

The location of the location should be consistent with the place where the workplace is located. An ad may only refer to one placement location. To post an ad with multiple placement locations, multiple ads must be created and paid for.


One position per ad

An ad may only contain one position, but the ad may refer to several job opportunities. As long as the requirements profile is the same for the candidates you are looking for, everyone can search through one and the same ad.


If you are looking for candidates for different types of positions, you must create an advertisement for each position.


Advertising time

The advertisement is published even until the last application date. The ad will then be automatically removed. However, an advertisement is published for a maximum of 60 days.


If you want to extend application time for a service or reactivate a deleted ad, you must purchase a new ad.


External links

The ad may not contain external links to anyone other than the advertiser or employer.


Review of ads

All advertisements are reviewed before publication. Daytime on weekdays, an advertisement is usually published within 24 hours after translation. 

If your ad is disapproved, you have the option to change it. You are not entitled to a refund of the fee if the ad is disapproved.


JobAds reserves the right to change the content of the ad if we believe it improves the quality of the ad.


Material rights

By providing an ad to Jobads, you give Jobads the right to use, process and distribute the ad and parts thereof, e.g. by making copies, making available to the public on JobAds website, web-based services and mobile applications and in other channels, also social media and other partners working with marketing of JobAds. JobAds has the right to re-license and assign this right to another.


The content of the ad may not infringe on another’s intellectual property rights.


Jobads can refrain from posting an ad or remove / change an ad

JobAds may refrain from publishing an advertisement and has the right to immediately remove or modify a published advertisement if JobAds considers that the ad violates JobAds’s General Terms and Conditions.


So, for example, occur if the Jobads has reason to suspect that:


The employer conducts an activity which means that the employees can be expected to contribute to a criminal offense, or other activities that JobAds considers to be unreasonable, or that could be perceived as offensive by individuals or groups. The employer applies unfair terms in general to the employee.

The purpose of the advertisement is to induce the applicant to pay for his / her education, tests or similar to be considered for the position.

The employer will not fulfill his obligations to the employee. The information provided by the employer does not agree with what applies to the employment.

JobAds also has the right to refrain from publishing a vacancy when the activity to which the employment relates is such that it can generally be perceived as offensive or if JobAds finds it inappropriate to participate in the advertising.