About Us

We help you as a recruiter reach out to more qualified candidates in the Nordic countries.


We are a group of people from different Nordic countries.

Having worked in the recruitment industry, in key positions at media companies, market agency, and been in various leadership roles in Nordic companies. The challenge for us has always been the same … finding the best people.


We discovered early on that you can’t just look in the city or country you live in anymore.
So we decided to start a service that easily helps recruiters reach more good candidates by applying in the other Nordic markets.

Because we know that there are so many real good talents in the Nordic countries, and it is becoming increasingly common for candidates to apply and take up positions in other Nordic countries.


Are you looking for specialist, experts, senior staff and experienced leaders?


There is historically low unemployment in Scandinavia at the moment, in 2018 this was at a record low in several of the countries.


This makes it extremely difficult for employers to attract and hire the people they are looking for in their current city and country. 

The effect also increase both competition and candidates wage demands. 


One of the biggest challenges in recruitment will probably always be to attract the right candidates. According to the Svenskt Næringslivs recruitment-survey, 7 out of 10 companies have found it difficult to recruit new employees with the right expertise. The lack of expertise is thus an alarming problem, it prevents companies and organizations from growing and meeting customer needs. The problem has been around for a long time and the trend points in a negative direction. This is not an isolated problem just for the Nordic countries, but a global phenomenon.


We are also seeing greater time-challenges for you as a recruiter,
coping with new regulations, more tools and more communication channels, like social media.According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends, 56 percent of recruiters say the number of hires will increase in the time ahead, but that the number of recruiters and resources will remain unchanged. In other words, the recruitment process must be streamlined. 


We therefore want to streamline your role by broadening your search and taking care of advertising in other markets. This simplifies the recruitment process for you so you can focus on what you are good at. It historically also significantly improves the results for both you and the company you work for.

Let us help you solve several of the big challenges you face. 

In an effective and affordable way we want to help you increase the chance of a successful recruiting process by adding smaller packages that gives you access to new markets.


Trough us you get a much greater reach to find the candidates your are looking for, in the other Nordic countries. With several types listing services, ads and jobsearch partners. 

We offer the best and most effective way to do an extended candidate listing. 

With a click of a button!


Translations, setup, reporting and optimization is included in all listings.


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